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Are you ready for some fresh talent in the big leagues? The 2022 season is off to a hot start with nine top-100 prospects already making their debuts, and more are on the way. In fact, we’ve rounded up one potential impact call-up for each of the 30 teams! From versatile defenders to power hitters and fireball pitchers to speedy outfielders, these prospects are ready to make their mark on the big stage.

For the Red Sox, keep an eye out for Ceddane Rafaela, who may be struggling in Double-A but possesses instincts and arm strength that make him a valuable addition across multiple positions. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays have Yosver Zulueta, who could make an impact as both a starter and a reliever with his fastball and slider combo.

Over in Baltimore, keep an eye on Connor Norby, who has shown he can hit with power and defend capably at both second base and in an outfield corner. The Rays, on the other hand, may turn to Curtis Mead, a third baseman with a high hard-hit rate and plenty of potential.

The Yankees have Will Warren, a mid-round pick from Southeastern Louisiana with a killer slider, while the Guardians have Tanner Bibee, a standout with a plus fastball and slider. The Royals may look to Maikel Garcia, a Venezuelan infielder with a gift for hitting and defense, while the Tigers have Justyn-Henry Malloy, a right-hander with a keen eye for reaching base.

The Twins may not have a clear spot for Brooks Lee, a shortstop with amazing bat control, but he’s definitely one to watch. Meanwhile, the White Sox have Cristian Mena, who boasts a plus curveball and the ability to hit 96 mph with his fastball. The Rangers could turn to Evan Carter, a five-tool center fielder with fantastic plate discipline.

Jo Adell may no longer be considered a prospect, but with a .307/.429/.774 line in the minors, the Angels would be remiss not to consider him for a call-up. Meanwhile, the A’s have Tyler Soderstrom, a talented left-handed hitter who’s been raking in Triple-A. For the Mariners, rookie Zack DeLoach offers speed and versatility in the outfield, while the Astros have Justin Dirden, a power hitter with impressive athleticism.

Last but not least, the Marlins have Eury Pérez, a towering 6-foot-8 pitcher with plenty of polish and potential to make an impact soon. With so many talented prospects on the horizon, the 2022 MLB season promises to be full of surprises and excitement. Keep an eye out for these players and more as they work their way up to the big leagues!