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Attention all baseball fans! The 2023 season is just around the corner, and it’s time to start looking at the top prospects for each position. Today, we’ll be focusing on the shortstop position and revealing the top three prospects in the Houston Astros system. This is important for baseball enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the baseball world. So, read on and discover which talented players could make a big impact on the upcoming season.

First on our list is Cristian Gonzalez, a prospect with sky-high potential. Despite being only 20 years old, Gonzalez was challenged by the Astros, who put him in High-A ball in 2022. At 6’4″ and 210 pounds, Gonzalez is notably built and has a cannon of an arm. While his contact might not be as refined as some might like, he still managed to hit 18 doubles and 10 home runs. Watch out, as the 2023 season could be a pivotal year for him.

Next up is Leosdany Molina, acquired last year from Cuba. Molina was able to showcase his excellent defensive prowess in his full-season debut, playing 116 games in Single-A. He swiped an impressive 22 bases, and if he can improve his hitting, the sky’s the limit for Molina in 2023.

Finally, we have Dauri Lorenzo, a 2019 signing from the Dominican Republic, with an impressive $2 million bonus. Though shortstop might not be his long-term position, he has shown great work ethic and determination both offensively and defensively. If he can continue to make contact and draw walks, Lorenzo could easily make his way to the big leagues.

There you have it, folks, the top three shortstop prospects for the Houston Astros in 2023. Keep an eye our for these players, as they could very well be the stars of tomorrow. Don’t forget to check back as we continue to reveal our top three prospects for each position leading up to the new season. Stay tuned!