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Spring is already upon us, and so is the MLB Spring Training. It’s been progressing quickly as we’re already over halfway through it. Have you been keeping up with what’s been going on? If not, you’re in luck because in this blog post, we’ll be summarizing some of the highlights so far.

Firstly, let’s talk about the Houston Astros. There have been quite a few news stories surrounding them lately. From general manager Dana Brown’s discomfort with some contract extensions to Houston ranking number 30 on the Spotlighting This Season’s Most- and Least-Improved Rotations list, at an 8.2 WAR loss. It hasn’t been all bad for Astros fans, though, as we have some exciting news about two of our players. Watch as Houston Astros’s Peña and Bregman react to shocking MLB The Show 23 Player Ratings, according to

But Houston Astros aren’t the only ones making waves this Spring Training. The A’s rotation battle is heating up, and the Dodgers left the bases loaded in a shutout loss to the Oakland Athletics, as reported by Meanwhile, the Mariners are checking in on their bats while competing in the World Baseball Classic.

Now let’s move onto the less pleasant news – the most annoying baseball fans survey from Guess who came in at number three? You guessed it – the Houston Astros. It’s important to remind ourselves to be good sports, even when we’re passionate about our team.

Lastly, we have some non-AL West and non-MLB news to share. Carlos Rodón is going to miss Yankee’s opener due to a left forearm strain, as reported on Bryce Harper has joined the 2023 Phillies Spring Training, and shared that Los Angeles Angels’ superstar Mike Trout will do whatever he can to keep Shohei Ohtani playing for the Angels.

There are so many exciting and noteworthy stories coming from this year’s MLB Spring Training, and it’s an event that shouldn’t be missed. Keep up with the latest news to stay informed before opening day kicks off. Be sure to share some of your favorite moments and highlights with us.

Oh, and before we sign off, we want to wish outfielder John Cangelosi, left-handed backstop Bill Heath, and left-handed pitcher Ken MacKenzie a happy birthday. They all played for the Houston Astros at some point in their careers and will forever be remembered by Astros fans.