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Are you curious about the state of Houston’s Minor League system? Look no further! Sara Goodrum, the Astros’ player development director, recently answered some questions about player development and progress in the organization.

In her 14 months in the job, Goodrum has overseen all player development staff and collaborated with coordinators on the recruiting, hiring, and development of the staff. She also had to familiarize herself with the system and all its players and staff members in her first year. Now in her second year, Goodrum is focused on understanding what needs to be prioritized to improve the team’s Major League performance.

One player to keep an eye on is outfielder Drew Gilbert, the No. 1 pick last year from the University of Tennessee. Gilbert is back on the field this spring after dislocating his right elbow in a crash into the wall last year. Goodrum is excited about his performance, saying that his ability to control the strike zone is impressive.

Another standout prospect in the organization is Spencer Arrighetti, a right-handed pitcher who was taken in the sixth round of the 2021 MLB Draft. Goodrum describes him as a “competitor” with a good slider and an overall uniqueness that makes him hard to hit.

Pedro Leon, who underwent hernia surgery in January, played in a Grapefruit League game on Tuesday in different positions, mainly center field, shortstop, and second base. Goodrum said that he is an incredibly athletic and gifted player who will mostly focus on playing in center field but may also play second base.

When asked about the 2022 Draft class, Goodrum notes that there were many impressive players, and she is excited to see them in action for a full season this year.

Finally, Goodrum highlights how promoting coaches up the ranks, or “moving up levels with players,” has helped in player development. Recognizing hard work in the organization is important, and promoting someone into a leadership position that’s already familiar with the organization motivates everyone around them.

Overall, Goodrum’s insights provide a glimpse into the Astros’ Minor League system and how they’re developing their players to improve the Major League team’s performance. Keep an eye on Drew Gilbert and Spencer Arrighetti, as they might impress us in the future.