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Spring Training is officially over, and the Houston Astros are packing their bags and heading back home to Houston. But while their time in the Sunshine State may be over, the debate about the final composition of the team’s 26-man roster is still raging on. Injuries to crucial players like Jose Altuve and Michael Brantley, as well as uncertainty surrounding Yordan Alvarez’s readiness for Opening Day, have clouded the picture somewhat. So, what can we expect from the Astros as they prepare to defend their World Series championship? Read on to find out.

One of the biggest roster decisions facing the Astros is the backup catcher position. Both Yainer Diaz and Korey Lee are vying for the spot behind veteran Martín Maldonado. While Lee has shown promise at the plate, Diaz’s ability to play first base might give him a leg up in the competition. However, there’s still a chance both Diaz and Lee could make the Opening Day roster due to Brantley’s injury, with Diaz serving as a pinch-hit option and Lee providing much-needed defense.

As for the outfield, assuming Alvarez is ready to play, the Astros will likely start the season with Kyle Tucker, Chas McCormick, Jake Meyers, and Alvarez. There are still two spots up for grabs among outfielders like Justin Dirden and infielders like Rylan Bannon and Bligh Madris. Considering Brantley’s eventual return, the players on the 40-man roster would have an advantage in claiming these spots.

Finally, the Astros’ bullpen composition is mostly set, with six of the eight spots held by right-handed relief pitchers. The final two spots could go to Ronel Blanco, Seth Martinez, or Brandon Bielak, all of whom are capable of throwing multiple relief innings.

Astros manager Dusty Baker acknowledges that these final roster decisions are tough, but ultimately necessary for proper competition and success in the long run. As he put it, “If you can’t compete for a job where you are, how are you going to compete in September or in the playoffs?” But despite the uncertainty surrounding the roster, the Astros are confident in their abilities to defend their World Series title. As for the fans? They’ll just have to wait and see.