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Spring Training is upon us and for the Houston Astros, their infield picture seems to be a case of no news is good news. While there were a few questions going into the training camp, the infield competition seems to be for the utility role. However, there are some strong contenders vying for positions and making a push to make it to the opening day roster. Here’s a quick rundown of how the players are performing so far.

J.J. Matijevic is proving to be a strong contender for the opening day roster with his impressive five RBI game against the Braves. With a fantastic performance like that, he’s certainly pushing his way to the top of the list. David Hensley is equally impressive with his impressive performance in Spring Training, boasting a .429 OBP in a small sample size.

Second base seems to be another crowded field, with Altuve having a slow start, but still considered a sure starter if he’s healthy. Rylan Bannon and Grae Kessinger are both making their case for a spot, but Altuve’s place on the roster is all but guaranteed.

At third base, Alex Bregman is a lock, but there are some other interesting prospects. Will Wagner, who has four-for-ten with two doubles, is making a strong case. Tyler Whitaker is still a little green in his pitch recognition, but with his youth on his side, he’s one to watch out for.

Finally, at shortstop, Dubón and Hensley are the odds-on favorites for the backup roles, but there are some interesting prospects like Jeremy Peña and Cristian Gonzalez lurking. It’s exciting to see how the team will shape up as we get closer to the opening day roster.

In conclusion, while the infield picture for the Astros might seem unchanged, there are some exciting prospects to look out for. The competition is fierce, and the players are giving it their all. With some standout performances, it will be interesting to see who makes it to the opening day roster. Keep your eyes peeled, Astros fans. Exciting times lie ahead.