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Welcome to the 2023 Major League Baseball season! It’s time to unwrap your baseball presents and see what your favorite teams have in store for you this year. If you’re a Houston Astros fan, you’re probably hoping for at least 95 wins and some more trophies to add to your collection. But what else can you expect from the Astros in 2023?

First off, let’s talk about Opening Day. The Astros will be facing off against the Chicago White Sox, and the injury update isn’t anything new. But what is exciting is that Astros games will still be airing on AT&T SportsNet Southwest, despite negotiations. Plus, two new players, Julks and Salazar, will be joining the team. And have you tried H-E-B’s Houston Astros peanut brittle ice cream yet? The reviews are in and it’s delicious.

But of course, it’s not just about the Astros. We’ve got news from all around the league, including the Angels’ top prospect Logan O’Hoppe getting an Opening Day start, the Athletics trading Cristian Pache to the Phillies, and the Giants and A’s making their cases for why Bay Area baseball fans should buy tickets. And let’s not forget about the Year of Shohei Ohtani and the Rangers’ new team. The Mariners also have some burning questions and potential for improvement, according to experts.

Looking at the league as a whole, we’ve got predictions for the full baseball standings, playoff fields, and World Series winners. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred even goes in-depth on the pursuit of an automated strike zone. And if you’re looking for some birthday shoutouts, Astros player Alex Bregman is still crushing it at 29 years old.

If you’re feeling up for a game, let’s make some predictions for the season. How many homers will Peña hit? Will Cristian Javier strike out at least three? Can all four Astros minor league affiliates win? Take your guesses and let’s see who comes out on top.

So, baseball fans, are you ready for another exhilarating season? Check out all the news and make your predictions for an even more exciting 2023.