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Houston, we have a problem. The Astros roster is facing a massive depletion that is taking an unmistakable toll on the team. In the absence of star players Jose Altuve and Michael Brantley, the replacements have become a black hole in the lineup. The Astros desperately need to step up their game and beat the Tigers, who are going into this game without a win. But the question is, can they do it?

Through five games, no Astros starter has managed to complete a quality start, which has left the bullpen struggling to keep up. Hector Neris, who is usually reliable, could not stop the Tigers in the eleventh inning, allowing the game-winning homer that sealed the Tigers’ 7-6 win. As the Astros continue to struggle with their pitching game, Lance McCullers is starting to look better with every middling performance by an Astros starter.

Hunter Brown struggled in this game, failing to make it through the fifth inning and allowing four runs in 4.2 innings with six hits and three walks. Although the Astros exploded in the bottom of the fifth inning, tying the score with a massive 435-foot home run from Yordan Alvarez, they were unable to maintain their momentum. The game went into extras, with both teams failing to advance the extra runner in the tenth inning. In the eleventh inning, Hector Neris was again asked to stop the Tigers, but Matt Vierling hit a line drive over the center field fence to give the Tigers their winning runs.

While it is disappointing to see the Astros lose to the previously winless Tigers, there is one positive note from this game. Alex Bregman seems to be finally zeroing in his swing with his last three at-bats being singles. This could be the boost the team needs to turn their game around.

In conclusion, the Astros need to address their pitching game urgently if they want to stay competitive in the league. Despite the loss, the Astros showed moments of brilliance, with Yordan Alvarez hitting his 100th career home run and Alex Bregman finally finding his swing. As the season progresses, we can only hope that the Astros will be able to overcome their current struggles and emerge victorious.