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Step up, Dubón! Dubón is the jester among the Astros but a warrior on the field. Mauricio Dubón is a utility player, trying his best to fill in for the irreplaceable Jose Altuve, who broke his right thumb last month. Dubón’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, as his performance has been crucial in helping the Astros recover from a slow start to the season. Despite knowing that he cannot take Altuve’s place, Dubón is giving it his all to contribute to the team’s success.

Through seven games this season, Dubón has had an outstanding performance, hitting .357. He even went 3-for-5 last Monday night to help the Astros defeat the Pirates 8-2. The Astros had 13 hits in that game, including three by Yordan Alvarez, who reached base in four of his five plate appearances. Dubón’s dedication and determination have been commendable, and it is only the beginning of the season.

Dubón does not take all the credit for his performance and has expressed his gratitude for the mentorship of Altuve, who has been his inspiration. Altuve reminds him to play his game and not to pressure himself, and this valuable advice has helped Dubón play well. Dubón also receives invaluable advice from other teammates, such as Alvarez and injured outfielder Michael Brantley. More importantly, he is putting in the work on his own game, making little adjustments to improve his swing, and it is paying off with excellent results.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic about Dubón is that he has only one strikeout in 29 plate appearances for the Astros, which is welcome news for a team that has struggled with striking out this season. Dubón attributes his success to hitting the ball hard and not overthinking it, and this has been a winning mentality for him.

Baker, the Astros’ manager, has praised Dubón for his performance so far and has noticed how hard he has been working. Dubón’s contribution to the team is valuable, and it is good to see him get some key hits. With Altuve’s imminent return, Dubón will not be playing second base regularly, but his value to the team cannot be overlooked.

In conclusion, Dubón’s talent and dedication have been crucial in the Astros’ recent success. He knows he cannot replace Altuve, but he is making a significant impact in the team’s performance. Dubón’s performance has been commendable, and his work ethic is contagious. The Astros still have a long season ahead of them, and Dubón’s contribution will undoubtedly be the key to their success.