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Get ready for some winning Astros baseball! Despite having a low ranking in farm system rankings, the Houston Astros have proven they can win with homegrown talent. In fact, they’ve made it to the playoffs seven consecutive years, with two American League West titles, two pennants and even a World Series trophy in 2022. Impressive, right?

But that’s not all. The Astros have also turned relatively unknown prospects into Rookie of the Year candidates, Gold Glove winners, and even Championship Series and World Series MVPs. The newest addition to their budding farm system is right-hander Hunter Brown, their lone Top 100 prospect, who is sure to be a prime Rookie of the Year candidate in 2023.

Moreover, the Astros have played it smart when it came to the 2020 and 2021 drafts, having lost their top picks due to the sign-stealing scandal. However, they made up for it by securing star college outfielders and saving enough bonus pool money to splurge on another outfielder in the 11th round.

Without further ado, here are the Houston Astros’ top prospects:

1. Hunter Brown, RHP (MLB No. 43)
2. Yainer Diaz, C/1B
3. Drew Gilbert, OF
4. Jacob Melton, OF
5. Colin Barber, OF

And for those interested in more stats, here’s a breakdown of how the Astros accrued their farm system:

– Draft: 17
– NDFA: 1
– International: 9
– Trade: 3

Additionally, the farm system breakdown by ETA:

– 2023: 11
– 2024: 7
– 2025: 7
– 2026: 2
– 2027: 2
– 2028: 1

And for those who love details, here are some of the best tools out of the Astros’ farm system:

– Hit: 55 — Yainer Diaz
– Power: 55 — Yainer Diaz
– Run: 70 — Logan Cerny
– Arm: 70 — Pedro Leon
– Defense: 55 — Drew Gilbert
– Fastball: 70 — Miguel Ullola
– Curveball: 65 — Hunter Brown
– Slider: 60 — Shawn Dubin
– Changeup: 60 — Jose Fleury
– Control: 60 — Colton Gordon

So, while the Houston Astros may not have a high ranking in farm system rankings, their winning streaks and homegrown talent prove otherwise. Keep an eye out for their budding prospects and think twice before underestimating the Astros.