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Hey there, baseball fans! Are you worried about José Abreu’s slow start to his stint with the Houston Astros? The stats might be concerning, but don’t hit the panic button just yet. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Abreu’s performance and explain why you shouldn’t be too worried about his early-season struggles.

Throughout his career, Abreu has been one of baseball’s most productive and consistent players. However, his production level in March/April has never been as visible as later in the season. This pattern seems to be continuing in his first games with the Astros, with a slash line of .239/.280/.282 that is not impressive. But let’s dig a little deeper before getting too worried.

If you look at Abreu’s stats over the years, you’ll notice that his worst months are usually March/April, with his lowest slash line, fewest hits and doubles, and high strikeout numbers. Even in his MVP year 2020, he started slowly in July but then turned into a monster that easily won the MVP award. So, it’s reasonable to expect Abreu to find his rhythm and get back into form soon.

However, there are some causes of concern if his struggles continue in the long run. For example, his BABIP is higher than usual, making us wonder if Abreu’s slump is here to stay. Moreover, he’s being less selective at the plate recently, taking fewer pitches per appearance and striking out more often. He’s also not making good or hard contact, with low expected batting and slugging averages and a lowered HardHit% compared to last year.

But before you lose faith, remember that Abreu is a professional hitter with a track record of carrying teams on his shoulders when he gets hot. He’s already showing good signs in the first ten games of the season, hitting for a .317 average and leading the Astros in hits. And let’s not forget the huge two-run double he hit to spark a seven-run rally in the first inning against the Blue Jays.

So, don’t be too worried about Abreu’s slow start with the Astros. Let’s expect him to find his rhythm soon and continue his productive career. As for the Astros, they might need to be patient for now. But remember, with Abreu you should always be hopeful. Thanks for reading!