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Houston Astros’ right-hander, Lance McCullers Jr., is on the road to recovery from a strained right forearm muscle. A recent update shows that he is pain-free and is already lifting weights and throwing a baseball. The Astros’ trainer plans to formulate a recovery plan to move him towards full recovery. McCullers Jr. is anticipated to add to the Astros’ strength with his 4-2 score in the last season, making him a potential asset for the team.

Following his Tommy John surgery, the talented pitcher sat out the 2019 season and missed the first four months of the 2020 season with a right flexor pronator strain. He, however, made a remarkable comeback, making eight starts in the regular season, ending with a remarkable 2.27 ERA. He also took three starts in the postseason, including a Game 3 start, for which he gave up five homers.

McCullers Jr.’s injury setback is a concern for the Astros who already have a solid five-man starting lineup. However, Hunter Brown, their top pitching prospect, also poses an exciting prospect for the team.

The Houston Astros’ fans are excited to see what McCullers will bring when he rejoins the team. His fast-paced pitches and command of the ball will make him an outstanding addition to the team. The team’s trainers are confident McCullers Jr. will make a full comeback and continue to be an essential player for the Astros.