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Baseball fans, listen up! Sunday was a big day for the sport as it marked graduation day at Prospect University. This means that any player who started the season without any Major League experience and cracked an Opening Day roster exceeded the 45-day rookie standard on Sunday. Exciting stuff, right? But what does all of this mean for the MLB Pipeline Top 100 prospect rankings? Well, we’ve got the scoop for you.

After roughly six weeks of play across all levels, we have a better understanding of who the top talents in the game are and we want the Top 100 to reflect that. We’ve made alterations to the rankings, which include shaking up the Top 15 spots, moving players who warranted a significant jump or fall, dropping a few names, and adding some of 2023’s breakout prospects to the list.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new Top 15 prospects. St. Louis Cardinals outfielder and third baseman Jordan Walker takes the number one spot, while Jackson Chourio of the Milwaukee Brewers comes in at number two. Jackson Holliday of the Baltimore Orioles takes the number three spot, followed by Elly De La Cruz of the Cincinnati Reds at number four. The Boston Red Sox’s Marcelo Mayer rounds out the top five.

While Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez graduated on Friday, Walker took over the top spot, impressing with his hitting and power abilities. The next three prospects – Chourio, Holliday, and De La Cruz – have their own standout skills, including a power-speed combo, impressive hitting, and exceptional Statcast-measured exit velocities.

But of course, there were some players who dropped in the rankings. Pitcher Daniel Espino underwent shoulder surgery, while Gavin Cross and Jacob Berry have not met expectations early on. Despite this, we’ve seen some big risers too, such as Zach Neto of the Los Angeles Angels and Evan Carter of the Texas Rangers.

Overall, the MLB Pipeline Top 100 prospect rankings have been updated with some exciting new changes. As the season progresses, we can only wait and see how these talented players fare in the big leagues. Will you be keeping an eye on any of these prospects? Let us know in the comments below.