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[introtopic] = the importance of Spring Training for players in need of a strong start to the season

The days of baseball players showing up to Spring Training with a few extra pounds and a few too many beers are long gone. Now, MLB players come to camp in top physical shape, ready to take on the upcoming season. But for some players, Spring Training is even more important than for others. They need a strong start to the season to make their mark, and this blog post will explore some of the most interesting players in each camp and why they need a strong Spring Training.

From Toronto’s No. 1 prospect Austin Tiedemann to Baltimore’s No. 2 prospect Adley Rutschman, there are a number of players with a lot to prove this Spring Training. Whether they’re competing for a job, returning from injury, or just need to show off their skills, these players have the potential to make an impact on their teams this season.

Take, for example, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow. After recovering from Tommy John surgery, Glasnow needed only three appearances last season to remind us of what a special, commanding presence he has on the mound. Though limited in pitch count, he was fantastic in five scoreless innings in the Wild Card Series against the Guardians. The Rays will continue to manage his innings, but it will be exciting to see him back atop this terrific rotation from the onset this season.

For the New York Yankees, shortstop Anthony Volpe is the one to watch. The Yankees abstained from consecutive free-agent classes stockpiled with superstar shortstops because they know what they have coming. And now, whether or not he wins the Opening Day assignment, this camp is a chance for Volpe, the No. 5 prospect in MLB, to show fans what all the fuss is about.

And then there’s the Boston Red Sox’s Chris Sale. After making just two starts in 2022 because of three non-arm-related injuries, Sale recently announced that “Humpty Dumpty got put back together,” and that he’s fully healthy for Spring Training. Since closing out the ’18 World Series, Sale has pitched fewer than 200 innings for the Red Sox, so they need him to perform like the ace he once was in the worst way.

These are just a few of the players who need a strong start to the season, and this blog post will explore the reasons why each of them needs a successful Spring Training. From Toronto to Tampa Bay, Baltimore to Boston, and New York to Los Angeles, these players have the potential to make an impact on their teams this season, and this is their chance to prove it.