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Are pitchers really ahead of hitters in the early stages of the baseball season? Well, someone forgot to tell these Minor League prospects who have been dominating the plate since day one. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the hottest-hitting ranked prospects from every organization, including four members of MLB Pipeline’s Top 100 list.

First up, we have Cade Doughty from the Blue Jays, who’s been flexing his muscles with five of his seven hits going for extra bases. Then there’s Jackson Holliday from the Orioles, who not only had a hot start but also has more walks than strikeouts. Junior Caminero from the Rays has been enjoying an aggressive assignment for his age, leading his league in multiple categories. David Hamilton from the Red Sox has been impacting the ball more than in the past, and Spencer Jones from the Yankees is outshining his fellow debutants. Brayan Rocchio from the Guardians has been batting impressively, Justyn-Henry Malloy from the Tigers is getting on base at an incredible clip, and Noah Miller from the Twins is showing marked improvement from his previous season.

Terrell Tatum from the White Sox has managed to make the most of his limited time, hitting .311/.438/.600 with eight steals in 13 games. Edgar Quero from the Angels is only 20 years old, but he boasts a .372/.518/.512 line, showing a lot of promise. Joey Loperfido from the Astros is proving his breakout year in 2022 wasn’t a fluke, and Brett Harris from the A’s is performing as expected, with an advanced approach helping him stand out. Jonatan Clase from the Mariners has been efficient with his speed and strength, while Evan Carter from the Rangers may have the best batting eye in the Minors. Last but not least, David McCabe from the Braves has been consistently impressive, and Yiddi Cappe from the Marlins is hitting with authority.

Pitchers may be ahead of hitters, but these prospects are a testament to the adage that hard work and dedication can level the playing field. Keep your eyes on these rising stars as they continue to make waves in the Minor Leagues.