2023 Houston Texans Surpassing Anticipated Performance Levels

Texans fans, get ready! A big game is coming up at NRG Stadium. This Sunday, they’re playing a pivotal game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the top team in the division.

Let’s chat a bit about the cool things the Texans have done this year compared to the last few years.

Not too long ago, the Texans were doing pretty well; they even made it to the playoffs four seasons back. It only feels like forever since they were good because things got really messed up under Jack Easterby. But those bad days are done, and now it’s a whole new vibe with DeMeco Ryans leading the way. At 6-4 for the season and in the mix for the playoffs.

4 reasons to get excited about the Texans after ten games:

– They’ve finally won three games in a row, which hasn’t happened since 2018. That year was crazy because they won nine straight after a rough start. These last three wins have been super close, with each one down to the last few plays.

– Playing at home is fun again, and the Texans are proving it. They’ve already won four games at home this year, which is as many as the past three years combined! It’s a big deal because there was a whole season when they didn’t win even one home game.

– Feeling super happy about a 6-4 record is totally okay for Texans fans. It might not sound amazing, but when you see how the team did before, it’s a big leap forward. Check this out:
– 2020: They were 3-7 after ten games.
– 2021: Things were at 2-8.
– 2022: It was rough at 1-8-1.
– 2023: Boom, 6-4!

– Now for the player shout-out—C.J. Stroud is doing amazing. In just ten games this season, he’s thrown for almost as many yards and the same number of touchdowns as Davis Mills did in all of his fifteen games last year. And with fewer mistakes, too.

For Houston football fans, this means watching the Texans is exciting again!

What do you think?

Written by Andy

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