Texas Sits Atop the Big 12 in Uncharted Dominance

Hey there, Texas Sports Zone fans! It’s your buddy Andy, coming at you like a hot bowl of chili in a Lone Star winter. Today, we’re talkin’ Texas Longhorns, football, and dreams of championship bling. 🏈💍

Rewind to 2019, and the Longhorns took a tumble in Ames, kissing their Big 12 title dreams bye-bye. Fast forward to 2020, those pesky Cyclones cycloned in and blew away Texas’ title chances on their own turf. But add one more orbit around the sun, and ouch, déjà vu with a Horned Frog leap-frogging UT’s championship chase last November.

Come this Saturday, saddle up, ’cause it’s a high-noon showdown with fate. Texas isn’t playing a game of “if” or “maybe” with their title dreams this year. They’re holding the reins with just two games between them and Arlington.

“That’s a great feeling,” says senior stud Christian Jones. “It’s like I’ve struck oil. I can almost smell that championship leather!”

The story’s sweeter than pecan pie for most of these Longhorns ’cause it’s their first rodeo at the championship rodeo. But there’s a couple of old hands—transfers Ryan Watts and Adonai Mitchell—who’ve wrangled titles before.

Coach Sark’s packin’ a playbook of title tales from his days as a gridiron gunslinger alongside legends like Pete Carroll and Nick Saban. And he’s backed by a posse of SEC ring collectors like Bo Davis, Kyle Flood, and Jeff Banks—plus old Pac-12 sharpshooter Pete Kwiatkowski and Blake Gideon, the last Longhorn to lasso the Big 12.

The coaches might be the architects, but it’s the players who’ll be hittin’ the turf and laying the bricks. Bar Watts and Mitchell, the locker room’s as green as a fresh football field when it comes to clinching titles.

Sarkisian clocked no jitters in the squad, just a steely resolve knowing that destiny’s in their own cleats. He’s been drillin’ the Longhorns hard, ’cause he knows you gotta be tough as a two-dollar steak to triumph in November.

“Anxiety? Ha! That’s for armadillos in the headlights. We’re doin’ the Texas Two-Step straight to Arlington,” Sark brags with confidence.

Ya see, Sark’s not about hookin’ in hotshots who just wanna wear the burnt orange. He’s fishin’ for fellas with the fire to win championships, just like they did back in their high school glory days.

The recruits don’t just wanna show up, they wanna show OUT. And now they’re in the thick of it, chasing a conference championship.

It’s been a dusty trail the past couple years, with more downs than ups, but now it’s time to buckle up and kick it into high gear.

“This is where we’re supposed to be,” thunders Sarkisian. “Now let’s go finish the mission.”

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Written by Andy

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